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General Instructions Related to Un-authorised Constructions

* Any type of construction within the jurisdiction of Lucknow Development Authority is allowed only after sanction of the
Map from the authority. Without the sanction of map, construction in these areas is treated as crime.
* In case of deviations in construction against the permit, actions shall be taken under the section 27 and 28 of U.P.
Urban Planning and Development Act 1973.
* Compounding of the un-authorised constructions may be done as per the limits defined in Self Assessment Scheme for
Compounding 1997. The consideration of compounding an un-authorised construction is the right of Vice_Chairman of
Development Authority or his nominated officer. Nobody has right to demand for compulsory compounding.
* The Owner may buy the booklet 'Self Assessment Scheme For Compounding' (cost Rs. 150/- ) from the counter
of Development Authority. The application for compounding may be filed in the prescribed form attached with the booklet.
* The compounding map must be signed both by the Architect and the Owner. The essential attachments required
alongwith the Application FOrm are mentioned in the booklet. The detailed description of the compounding is also clearky
* The compounding permit shall be issued after deposit of the Affidavit by the party. The format of the Affidavit is
also mentioned in the booklet.

Compounding Limits

Residential Constructions
* 40% of the front setback width in continuation of the building with a limit of max 1.5 Meters
* Additional 10% of the allowed land coverage may be compounded in the rear set back.
* 25% of the side set back may be compounded.
* In case of basement construction upto the allowed limit of land coverage is compoundable.
Construction of other Types
* In case of Group Housing, Commercial and Office constructions, 10% of the allowed land coverage is compoundable
at Ground floor.


For all types of constructions, additional 10% of the floor ratio is compoundable over the allowed floor ratio.The compounding charged for front setback, rear setback , side setback and basement are different and are clearly mentioned in the booklet.

Non-Compoundable Constructions

* Any construction on public places like Park, Play Field, Green Belt etc
* Any construction on land reserved for expansion of Government Roads
* Deviation in Land Use type
* Any Construction on place reserved for parking.

Compounding Charges

* Calculation of the compounding charges shall be done based on the land value, which shall be evaluated on the basis
of the DM circle rate. In case of un-availability of circle rates, Development Authority shall fix up the rates
* For Educational Institutes, Health Services and Charitable Institutes, the componding charges shall be 50% of
the residential charges.
* Compounding charges for Commercial constructions, the charges shall be twice that of residential charges.
* Compounding charges for Office building shall be 1.5 times of residential compounding charges.